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Hikko Partner Program

Our Program enables partners to grow their businesses by expanding their
capabilities and offerings with our expertise, services, and products.


Why partner with Hikko

Strategy synergy

Be part of an integrated network of thriving and dynamic companies.

Partner fee

Your business grows and its power too. A flexible win-win model.

Expand impact

You will partner with a company committed to generating a real impact in our communities.


Proud to call Partners

microsoft partner
salesforce partner
infocorp partner
Pwc partner
Ogilvy partner


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Join a thriving ecosystem of ambitious and collaborative partners to uplift your company.


Some answers in advance

Who can apply to the Partner Program?
There is no restriction on who can apply to Hikko’s Partner Program.
However, these are some representatives examples of types of
companies that successfully partnered with us:

  • Companies that are part of the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Companies whose expertise is complementary to Hikko’s.
  • Companies that offer customer service products.
Hikko’s partners can benefit from having access to world-class products and services that ensure client satisfaction and allow them to grow their businesses.

No. There are no costs associated with becoming a Partner and no investment is required to classify as such.

Joining Hikko’s Partner Program is like a light morning stroll. All you have to do is fill out the form on this website and our Partner Lead Executive will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting to understand more about your company, explore synergies and understand how we can collaborate. If there’s a match, we will move forward with the paperwork (easy too) and that’s it. Let’s start doing business together!

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Global footprint

Hikko is the sum of dedicated service and disruptive product design. The combination of muscle and creativity. Of strength, poise and consistency with drive and optimism for what’s to come.

We are Salesforce's first partner in Uruguay, with regional presence and global reach. The meeting point of 10 years of precise execution with 10 years of innovation and creativity.

We created Hikko to materialize a committed and dynamic future: better services, better products, better ideas. This is what drives us:

  • Scaling organizations
  • Empowering communities
  • Expanding the impact