The art of moving forward

We combine strategic technology with creative force to scale businesses and organizations around the world.

Hikko is movement

It is strategic technology

It is the art of moving forward

A diverse group of diverse people united by a way of being

People smiling at work










Hikko arises from the merger between Nimacloud and Nerv:
two organizations with complementary capabilities and a
shared vision. We integrate that experience to create automated customer service products and deliver top-notch Salesforce services.

10 years of precise execution meets 10 years of innovation
and creativity. Now ready for new challenges.


Driven by a purpose that makes
sense in interaction

Scale organizations

We are moved by the satisfaction of climbing and discovering. To accompany our clients to the top.

Empower communities

We are on the mission of improving realities and promoting the development of changemakers.

Expand the impact

We are the pebble that ripples the water. And starts a cascade of true change.


What sustains us and what we stand for

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