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Customer Experience Automation

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Monthly interactions


Monthly interactions

Execution Services
Mobile help center

Help Center

Meet our all-in-one
Help Center

Automate up to 82% of contact center interactions with Hikko’s Help Center. Using an easy-to-integrate SDK to desktop and app, the Help Center will improve the quality of online help by solving users questions and problems, faster and simpler.

Automated flows

Solve operations without involving human agents.

Knowledge base

Deflect ticket volume and empower users with information.

Live chat

Seamlessly transfer to an agent by integrating with Salesforce or other contact center platform.


Collect relevant information about the user experience through in-app surveys.

virtual assistants

Omnichannel and
efficient support with
virtual assistants

A multi-industry conversational virtual assistant that automates customer service (and other) transactions.

Allow clients to interact with your organization and solve any issue where and when they want: Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, Web and more.

& more

Mobile virtual assitants

Complementary Products

Enhance your customer experience
with our complementary products

Unlock more features and harness the full potential of our automation solutions.


Perform A/B testing on flows and compare the performance. Generate progressive rollouts for specific user segments.

Experience surveys

Improve CSAT and NPS. Offer internal or external quality surveys, with the option to send comments and suggestions.


Create multi-language, multi-country, and multi-brand experiences.


Access contact center metrics and improvement advice through smart dashboards and reports.


Expand how the experience behaves. Allow support to be usable by as many people as possible.

Salesforce integration

Plug & play integration to provide omnichannel support through Salesforce Service Cloud and Hikko's front-end products.

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The word out on the street.

We transform business needs into case studies.

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